in Temecula, California

Below is a general outline of what you can expect from the initial pool design phase of your new pool construction. We will begin by exploring your ideas while offering material suggestions and layout options that will help give your new pool shape and form. The pool design process is the most important step because it lays the foundation for your new pool. While utilizing state of the art 3D computer design, we will make sure we achieve what you are looking for before we even break ground.

Once the layout, pool design and materials for your new pool have been decided upon, Creative Pools will also present you with accessory options and special features that you can add into the pool itself and surrounding areas.  These can include items such as: fire features, water features, decks and spas which all help to personalize your outdoor living space.


After all of the plans are finalized, Creative Pools  will also lay out a reasonable estimate for a construction schedule. We will tailor this schedule to suit your family’s needs to the best of our abilities.

To begin the pool design process with Creative Pools, a professional designer will visit your property to discuss the vision you have for your pool. This person will be your single contact point throughout the process and will handle all contractors, construction teams and coordinate the entire effort on your behalf while relaying your needs and desires for the pool you envision. Our Creative Pools designer will openly discuss your ideas with you, helping you give shape to the exact pool you desire. Once all ideas have been discussed, your personal contractor will show you various drafts of the concept so you can better visualize how the pool will look upon completion.

With Creative Pools, you won’t have to worry about acquiring permits and inspections because we’ll do all the work for you. Once all of the legal matters have been attended to, we will begin construction by bringing in our experienced teams to get started. Your Creative Pools design specialist will give you an estimated end date and work with you through the entire process to make sure everything is to your precise specifications.

Southwestern Pool Construction

We understand that new pool construction is a large undertaking, so we will keep you up-to-date with all the proceedings. The construction phase is where you truly begin to see the benefits of choosing Creative Pools. Working seamlessly with one contact point allows for simple and efficient project management.

During the pool construction phase, you can rest assured that everyone working on your new pool is held to the highest industry standards. This includes all laborers, engineers, designers and any members of the construction team. We strictly oversee the smallest of details on every pool that we design so that our clients can have an enjoyable construction experience from start to finish.

Below is a basic outline of the pool construction process:

  • Create a timeline for the entire pool project with anticipated start and completion dates.
  • Obtain permits from the proper municipal departments.
  • Perform excavation and rough grading for pool, patio and planting areas.
  • Install rebar, plumbing fixtures.
  • Install Gunite/Shotcrete
  • Install pool masonry. tile, coping (etc.). if necessary.
  • Install all necessary filtration equipment and pumps.
  • Plaster pool and fill with water.
  • Establish chemical balances while running final inspection.